About Me

Nigerian and Native of Erin-Ijesa via Ilesha, Osun state.  A disciple of Christ, Married to Charity Idahosa. Together, they are blessed with three lovely children.

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.

Passionate Author

Author and Publisher of Parenting in the Bull’s Eye Book. Currently selling on Amazon and various digital platforms locally and internationally. He caught his teeth in corporate world haven work and gained experience at Hybrid Consulting, Pendaxia, South-South Entrepreneurial Development Centre, Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria. One-time Trainee Advisor at Shield Academy Partners; part of the team under the Federal Government Amnesty Program.

Currently running an NGO, UpNext NGO that is saddled with advocacy in inculcating family values and giving support to the community towards counseling and raising their wards in building a better society for all. Besides being an Avid Administrator, my portfolio includes a wealth of Skills & competencies in Business Growth Specialist, Human Capacity Training, and development.

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Best Selling Parenting Author

Published and sold on different online bookstores.

Founder, Upnext NGO

With the goal to foster family advocacy and help children with special needs.

Pioneer, Parenting In The Bull's Eye Initiative

An advocate of children/youth with a physical disability and family engagement

Parenting Coach

Training and coaching families through in-person or virtual events


My First Book

Published in 2022, “Parenting In The Bull’s Eye” serves as a practical guide in raising the next generation amidst the confusion and lost identity that stared at us in the 21st century. This book serves as an awakening call to duty for proper parenting and bequeathing a long-lasting value and legacy for the upcoming generation. Besides this website, it is currently sold on different online bookstores.


Released on Store

Being sold on Amazon, Sellar, and now my website; all books from Michael Obadaiah are available for immediate purchase or payment on delivery.


My First Training and Masterclass

Following the book’s release, there was a need to organize workshops, seminars and Masterclass training to bring home the book’s synopsis and essence.


Founded UpNext

Upnext is an NGO initiative birthed in the year 2000. We work with inter-denomination churches to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our focus of endeavor is to reach out to street urchins, rehabilitate them and get them back into society, empowering them with entrepreneurial and trade skills. These we have done over the years with testimonials.

About UpNext Initiative

UpNext- A Parenting In the Bull's Eye Initiative

Born out of a passion for families that are blessed with special kids and the knowledge of all they go through to give the necessary upkeep and upbringing; UpNext was birthed to reach out to parents through workshops, seminars, and training. UpNext evolves as the years go on with our friends and partners spread abroad and thus the new vision of family advocacy was birthed through the publication of the book “Parenting in the Bull’s Eye” We aim to foster family advocacy and engagement as well as help children with special needs


For over 15 years UpNext NGO has been a trusted support for children and youth with physical disabilities and their families. We have recently made significant efforts to streamline the process for access and information about all the supports available to our clients and families. In the recovery from covid-19 pandemic, we know our clients will have increased needs, both with support for new or sized equipment and with the exhausting toil that isolation and lack of respite have created. 

Liaising with the Federal Government, the Senior Manager of Advocacy and Family Engagement is responsible for the strategic direction of the Services Department, supporting family and community engagement, and advocating on behalf of children, youth, and young adults with a physical disability and their families. This position works collaboratively as part of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure our services, outreach, and support systems are reflective of the changing demographics and needs of our clients.


Key Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):


Team Development & Support

Provide effective direction, leadership, and mentorship to team members alongside ongoing coaching and support to enhance performance 

Ensure that all personal health information obtained by the department in the delivery of services to clients and communities remains secure, in adherence with the privacy and confidentiality policies of the Ministry of Community Children and Social Service as well as provincial and federal privacy legislation

Support the creation and maintenance of qualitative and quantitative reports, as required by the Executive Leadership Team, Board of Directors, Funders, and other Stakeholders

Prepare and/or review Ministry Funding agreements and other Grant proposals supporting funding for the Services Department, assimilating statistical and narrative information into proposal/application format 


Monitor government activities for opportunities to advocate on behalf of children, youth, and young adults with a physical disability and their families

Support CEO participation in government meetings and networking opportunities 

Develop submissions for government consultation and support the renewal of Government funded programs and grants

Develop a strategy for obtaining parent and/or youth input on advocacy issues

Support Special Education Programs including recruitment and training

Represent UpNext NGO as a member of provincial committees 

Take part in consultations for Ministry of Education initiatives and the Minister’s Advisory Council on Special Education

Community and Family Engagement 

Focus on accessibility, programs that support children and families

Support Services team to provide individual support to parents seeking help for advocacy of their child at school

Manage and support meetings of the Parent and Youth Advisory Committee 

Support and enhance programs and services for families by:

Providing input on grant proposals and program development

Reviewing documents to be sent to families 

Developing or providing support to family surveys

Organizing presentations to families at in-person or virtual events

Partner with external community partners and organizations 

Strategic Leadership & Outreach

Develop and implement a program evaluation strategy, ensuring regular assessment of the program’s progress and outcomes based on ESO mission, vision, and values as well as the goals of the program

Actively engage with the existing and potential client referral community, including hospitals, family health teams, treatment centers, rehabilitation centers & hospitals

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